Whether you need a total replacement within an existing lift well or simply an upgrade of obsolete components – our technical sales team can advise you on an efficient cost-effective route to modernise your lift. We can improve efficiencies and advise how your lift can meet current safety standards, as well as improve its aesthetic appeal!

Crawley Hospital

Six lifts were modernised in total – a duplex pair plus a four-car group. The original engineering was traditional high-quality, but the lift cars, entrances and control system were in need of modernising. The guide rails, counterweight and car frames were retained and refurbished.
The lift cars were fully replaced to allow for larger dimensions and full compliance with the Health Technical Memorandum (HTM 08-02). The clunky doors were replaced with modern high speed variable frequency (VF) drive fire-rated entrances. The machines were replaced with efficient VF drives, the new control system vastly improved the dispatching algorithm and included bed service controls and full remote monitoring. The push buttons and indicators were fully replaced to comply with EN81-70 (disabled access). The lifts were tested and commissioned in full compliance with EN81-20.

Montrose Court

This is a residential block located in South Kensington, London. Following on from a full modernisation of the front passenger lifts, Elan were commissioned to replace the five rear lifts. The existing ‘lifts’ were originally installed as service hoists – the lift wells are only 1.1m square with reduced top and bottom clearances, both the car and landing entrances were lattice gates.

Elan obtained a derogation for the reduced clearances from BEIS and designed 2-persons / 180kg passenger lifts in compliance with EN81-20 and EN81-21, the new landing entrances were fire rated to EN81-58. The lifts run at 1.0 m/sec and serve 7 floors (approximately 20m travel).

One lift has a rear basement level – to accommodate the rear car and landing entrance, this lift is rated at 1 person!

Charles Street

A residential building in London’s Mayfair, the original lifts were installed within an ornate stairwell, the counterweights were housed in a separate cupboard via a complex rope and pulley arrangement. The lifts were still guided using the original round guide rails and the lift entrances were manually operated hinged timber doors.
The counterweight arrangement and round guide rails no longer comply to modern regulations. The client’s expectations were for a similar size lift car incorporating automatic entrances. Elan’s solution was to dispense with the counterweight and fit a positive (drum) drive, the guide rails were replaced with modern tee sections, the entrances replaced with slimline four panel centre opening doors finished in coloured stainless steel. The new push buttons and indicators were discreetly incorporated within the landing entrance frames.